About Us

Since our inception in 2011 , we have grown continuously, with 5 branches. People are led to believe that what makes a great facility is the size of the gym and how much and what variety of equipment you can fit into it. But The Founder of Xceptiion Gym Mr. Deepak Seth strongly believe that “There are many factors that go into a great facility, but that it all begins with exceptional people that come over , certified experienced trainers that are constantly looking for ways to improve our members experience, from innovative training techniques and providing everyone a friendly atmosphere”

We have incredible group fitness instructors. You will find small classes featuring a high level of personal attention. Some of our classes include; Yoga, Zumba , Bollywood Fitness , Masala Bhangra and many more.

If You are looking for a change in your body health and fitness you have come to a right and ultimate destination. Utilizing the latest and most advanced techniques, our knowledgeable and highly experienced fitness trainers will help guide you to any fitness goal you are seeking. Our approach to fitness is not making a bulky body but to be fit and attain ypur fitness goal in an healthy way and turning your typical gym experience into a fitness adventure with a wide range of equipments and variety of exercises.  Whether you’re a first-time gym user or a regular member, we’re here to provide a workout environment in which anyone - and everyone - can be comfortable.